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No matter what tax related service we are hired for, you will be working closely to one account manager. Your account manager will update you periodically, work with you to file all documents on time and accurately, and will be your contact for any questions, concerns or issues you might have.


Don’t get lost in the piles of paperwork you’ve saved. Our convenient eServices allows us to access all the files, notes and information the IRS has, as well as send and receive correspondences to you.


When dealing with you and the IRS, deadlines and timing is of utmost importance. Our number one priority is our timing to the IRS as well as timing to our clients. Once you have retained us, we immediately take action on your case.


There are over 10 million words in the US Tax Codes; we will ensure that each tax case will be individually analyzed and researched in order to attain the best possible results for you.


The key to anything tax is organization. Be it tax planning, accounting, tax resolution or audit defense, the similarity in success is organization. Our staff on all levels uses the latest programs and software to update case files that promote efficiency, organization and a green company.


Tax at times can be very subjective. Due to the interpretation of each code and law, our tax professionals pride themselves in their negotiation tactics in attaining the best possible result for our clients.

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